Should your student take the SAT or the ACT?

What score does my student need for 
college admission?

What's the most EFFICIENT way for my student 
to increase their score?

Our 100% FREE SAT/ACT Comparison Test will 
answer the questions needed for your student
to dramatically raise their score

How Will This Test Help?


The SAT & ACT have subtle differences that can really impact your national percentile ranking in the eyes of admissions officers. This test will give you a very clear answer which test your student should take. 

Efficient Increase

The top 1% of test takers don't study all subjects on the test. They focus on the areas that will get them highest increase. Our report identifies the 9 key areas you need to focus on to raise your score the most! 

Test Intelligence

These tests have many traps. This report will show if your student is falling for the common pitfalls like guessing, pacing, and test fatigue

Why Is It Free?

"Is it really free?"  Yes!!

"What’s the catch?" No Catch!

"Do I have to put in a credit card?" No!

Our singular goal at Livius Prep is to provide the best learning experience possible. Well, with SAT/ACT prep the best customer experience is the one that gives you the highest score. Bottom line. 

After doing this for 3 decades we know that increasing scores REQUIRES a foundation of test intelligence AND a clear blueprint for improvement. After that any level of preparation (self-study, class, 1:1 tutoring) will greatly impact your score but NOT before then. 

At Livius Prep, we don’t feel any student should be charged until they have a personalized blueprint for beating these critical exams. 

How To Get Started

 Step 1: Input your contact information and you will recieve an email with access to the free comparison test.
 Step 2: Take the test online and then make an appointment with a Score Advisor to walk you through your results and personalized score improvement report over Zoom.
 Important! Our test engineers will get to work and have a corrected test within 2 business days, so please schedule your score advising session at least 48 hours after your completed test.

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